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That is the face of a man with nothing else to lose.


i was gonna do a set but i got a little tired. anyway, kids in modern au w/ cellphones.


An appreciation post of Levi’s height. 


ah thank you so much ;;_;; I still have a lot of things to learn 

It’s Not Important


SUMMARY: Gerome refuses to see the healers for a wound he got in a battle. Lucina notices.
RATING/WARNINGS: PG (Mentions of canon-typical violence and some blood, nothing big.)
COMMENTS: Nagamas gift for catherinearbour! I’m so sorry this was late. I tried to make it a little extra long to make up for how late I was. This is for your Gerome/Lucina prompt since I think they’re a fun pairing! Merry Nagamas, and thank you for your patience!

“You were struck in the last battle, weren’t you?”

Gerome couldn’t lie to her – so he just stayed silent and hobbled away, no longer trying to conceal the bad leg. It had been easy to hide when he sat astride Minerva’s back or walked aside her in such a way that her body hid his awkward gait. Nobody had seemed any the wiser after he yanked out the arrow himself and haphazardly bandaged his leg to keep it from bleeding out over his clothes.

Except Lucina, apparently.

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i hope she finds the brighter future i never could. (future past 3)

i hope she finds the brighter future i never could. (future past 3)


fire emblem: awakening + pokemon 1/??
(see captions for details!)

a little crossover i put together for fun! this is just my interpretation so it’s cool if you don’t agree with my choices. i’m wanting to make more posts like this with other characters too, so look out for them! :’)

Kogoyume Requested Annie Leonhardt